Stubby Holders For Any Promotion Or Event

What are Promotional Stubby Holders?

Promotional Products are useful items printed with your business/event name, logo or message designed to increase your brand awareness and message amongst your current and potential clients.

Promotional Stubby Holders do this so welll.

Good quality stubbie holders as designed and purchased from Stubby Coolers Online fit this definition perfectly - they look great, get the message across and your investment will keep on returning for many years.

Do Promotional Stubby Holders Work?

Here are some interesting facts from ...

Unlike traditional advertising, promotional stubby holders will keep sending your message for years and years - the promotion that just keeps on giving.

Want to Know More?

Stubby Coolers Online will create for you an awesome design, totally FREE that will reflect your brand or message and then make it into a high quality custom promotional stubby holder that will carry your brand for years to come.

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Great Artwork Will Produce Awesome Promotional Stubby Coolers

The finished stubbie cooler design can only be as good as the artwork produced by us or provided by you.

At Stubby Coolers Online we are so fussy with artwork and design that if we feel that the design you have provided or the files you have provided are not up to speed we will not proceed with your order. It is most important to us that each and every job is perfect.

Stubby Holder Design

With the advent of Dye-Sublimation as a print method it has allowed the use of very intricate design and the use of all of the colours a typical graphics application can create. It is also possible to have background photographs and to reproduce them as high resolution images with only around 3% quality loss caused by the actual fabric of the neoprene.

Your imagination is almost the only limit in this part of the process. The best example of design would be to direct you to our Wedding, Birthday, Bucks & Hens and Custom Stubby Holder pages where you can see hundreds of design templates which we can utilise to create a truly wonderful Stubby Holder for your event or occasion.

PM Rossiter's promotional stubby holder

Our Guarantee To You

100% price and quality guarantee

We want you to know before you buy your coolers about our famous 100% Quality Guarantee.

Simply put it means that if in the unlikely event your drink coolers have been manufactured incorrectly we will completely replace your order and that in purchasing from us your coolers will be the best value for money available. See here for more