Caricature & Cartoon Stubby Holders

Q - How good would it be to have a stubby holder designed in a cartoon type format based on your own pictures and interests?

A - It would be Awesome and now you can have just that at Stubby Coolers Online and it is so easy and very affordable.

Stubby Coolers Online has a brilliant caricature artist available to turn your ideas through the use of your pictures and ideas into a cartoon like caricature design for your stubby holders. It is so easy - all we need from you is a few photographs of the people involved with maybe a pic of your favourite car, boat or truck. In fact you can have whatever you like featured in your caricature stubby holder design and all in the colours of your choice.

Here is how it's done ...

We start with these ...

Pictures used to create the caricature

Your caricature is then drawn ...

The finished caricature

The background, your names and text are added - Done and looks so good!

The caricature set up as a stubby holder desigh

Caricature stubby holder ideas can be found here

Caricature & Cartoon Stubby Holders

Idea 1

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 1

One of our popular standard designs was chosen for this one. Our clients , Ellie and Michael loved design #486 but wanted a more personal touch so having the caricature drawn of themselves with the bottle of bubbly and placed into the standard design achieved this.

Most of our designs can have caricatures added to them in this way.

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Idea 2

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 2

The use of humor is a great way to create something unique. Classic methods like the ball and chain and a bride dragging the groom always work as you can see in the design above.

This design is simple and elegant while retaining the humorous appeal.

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Idea 3

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 3

Guys and girls love their cars and as an enthusiast what a good way to go in having  great wedding caricature coolers with the theme that includes your number two pride and joy.

Caricatures can be placed on plain backgrounds or you can have them placed on picture backgrounds too.

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 3a

How good is that!!!

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Idea 4

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 4

Combining the classic have and to hold .. theme and a caricature is always successful. In this stubby holder design we took the basic concept of our Design #504 and added the caricature and used a high lighting effect behind the bride and groom to add some pizazz!!!

This design is also simple and elegant while retaining the classic look.

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Idea 5

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 5

Birthdays are another celebration just perfect for caricature coolers. The concept was borrowed from one of our wedding designs, design #486 and modified to suit a birthday.

The humor of this is perfect for a birthday.

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Idea 6

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 6

Caricature stubby holders are just perfect for bucks and hens celebrations. There is always something about everyone that can be used as a theme from a personality trait, hobbies or something embarrassing - it is a good idea to keep it classy though!!

As long as every one gets a good laugh.

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Idea 7

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 7

Caricature coolers are also great for corporate and promotions. The point of difference that a caricature stubby cooler can give your business will assist you to gain that all too elusive brand recognition.

Simplicity is the key to get your message across.

Caricature stubby Cooler desigh idea 7a

A differnt slant on branding

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