Stubby Holders For Buck's & Hen's

Stubby Coolers Online have got you covered for uniquely designed Buck's & Hen's Stubby Holders.

If you have been given the job of planning a special party or weekend for the Buck or Hen, be it wild or mild make it special and memorable with a custom designed Stubby Holder

Our expert team ...

...Give you the absolute best design choices.

...Can create a Custom Stubby Holder design from one of our own stock designs that is personalised to your requirements FREE.

...Will take your own ideas for a fully Personalised Bucks or Hens Stubby Holder and make it just perfect.

...Give you a 100% Price & Quality Guarantee.

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Caricature Buck's & Hen's Stubby Holders

Caricature Buck's & Hen's stubby holder designs are a totally unique way to personalise your drink coolers, the process is very simple and most of all affordable.

Your friends, relatives or colleagues will be blown away at how awesome these look with a cartoon caricature and with our attention to quality and detail, why wouldn't they.

Buck's & Hen's Stubby Holder Designs

Bucks Design 760

Design #760 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks Design 602

Design #602 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 603

Design #603 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 734

Design #734 ~ Request a Quote

Hens  Design 735

Design #735 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 605

Design #605 ~ Request a Quote

Hens  Design 606

Design #606 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 607

Design #607 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 608

Design #608 ~ Request a Quote

Hens  Design 609

Design #609 ~ Request a Quote

Hens  Design 611

Design #611 ~ Request a Quote

Bucks  Design 679

Design #679 ~ Request a Quote

Buck's & Hen's Stubby Holder Inspiration

Idea 1

This design is a basic one colour print. It can be any combination of a background and print colour. All you need do is tell us the bucks name, date if relevant and your colour choices to make this design your own.

By adding a girls type graphic we can also set this design up as a hens party cooler design.

Idea 2

A simple idea for a Hens Night wine glass cooler. There are two sizes small and large.

A date and or place can be added to personalise it further along with having the colours to suit your scheme.

More Graphics can be added if need be.

Idea 3

For guys or gals with the armed forces or hunting at heart we can set up an AusCam background with any graphics or photos you might like to use.

The colours of the AusCam can be changed easy - we have in the past had this design in shades of pink for the ladies too.

Idea 4

A nick name, or profession can be great inspiration for stubby holder design.

Combining great photos with all the right text will provide a unique effect to the stubby cooler design.

Cars boats and sports can all come together to achieve this as well.

Idea 5

A great background will provide an excellent foundation for clever design. Add to this a great upper body or head shot to the background and you instantly end up with a great effect.

Put in the name and all relevant information to finish it off..

Note that white text stands out best with most background photos.

Idea 6

Having your favourite sport as the central theme is always a hit for bucks and hens parties.

Once again add the upper body shot and the text and you have it. In the case of the example shown this was a special cooler as the guys celebrated the bucks weekend water skiing.

Idea 7

All our caricature artist needs is a photo of the subject and of any relevant object or background and some good instruction from you and a great design will be the result.

Idea 8

Keeping it plain and simple can be a great effect and do the job well.

Solid backgrounds or gradients of a few colours or tones will place focus on the text or a photo.

Any of our standard backgrounds found here can be utilised for this task.

Idea 9

Cant decide which photo of the buck or hen to use?

Why not use them all. Combining a meaningful back ground photo and utilising a group of several photos of the subject is a great way to get the message across.

Good strong text with meaning to all is essential to the theme as is a good background.

Our Guarentee To You

100% price and quality guarentee

We want you to know before you buy your coolers about our famous 100% Quality Guarantee.

Simply put it means that if in the unlikely event your drink coolers have been manufactured incorrectly we will completely replace your order and that in purchasing from us your coolers will be the best value for money available. See here for more