Custom & Promotional Stubby Holders For Your Business & Events

When considering a Stubby Holder for a promotional product for your business or event it must be of the best quality possible, after all your business may well be judged by the quality of the stubby cooler you provide.

Stubby Coolers Online have been supplying coolers to clients all over Australia for nearly 25 years so we know how to get it right every time.

Our expert team can ...

...Give you the absolute best design choices..

...Create a full Custom Stubbie Holder design from one of our own design patterns that can be changed to suit your own requirements and all totally FREE.

...Always get your stubbie coolers to you on time with no fuss every time - no exceptions!!

...Take your own ideas or your corporate identity for a fully Personalised Custom Stubby Holder design and make it just perfect.

...Give you a 100% Price Quality Guarantee.

Custom Caricature Stubby Holders

Caricature Stubby Holders are a totally unique way to personalise your business, promotional or event drink coolers, the process is very simple and most of all affordable.

Your clients and  colleagues will be blown away at how awesome these look with a cartoon caricature and with our attention to quality and detail, why wouldn't they.

Design For Custom Stubby Holders?

Stubby Coolers are one of the greatest corporate and event promotional products of all time. So much so that for nearly 25 years we have been suppling coolers for the same clients year in and year out.

The design of your custom stubby holders can be simple or of the most complex. Our team can design for you a design based upon your corporate image or web site and colour scheme.

Dulon Marine - A Design Example

This customised stubby cooler was designed from the clients original brochure utilising the already prepared artwork making the carry over a simple job giving a very effective result and all linking to the corporate design plan of the client.

Design sequence for creating stubby holder designs

Custom Design

Choose one of these design concepts then send us your logo, photos or graphics and as much instruction as you can. We can create a custom design proof to suit you and your business. Send us your web address too as this can be a huge resource of inspiration for our design team.

Design 1 - One Colour

This pattern is a basic one colour print. It can be any combination of a background and print colour. It shows the basic information in a simple non cluttered design.

Design 1 - Multi Colour 1

A variation of design one but in multicoloured print.

Just the basics required and utilising the logo to be the actual main design element.

Design 1 - Multi Colour 2

A further addition of a background graphic highlighting the corporate colours from the logo colours totally changes the concept.

Further changes to this design could be achieved by adding a panel at the bottom to contain the contact details.

Design 2 - One Colour 2

A further addition of a background graphic highlighting the corporate colours from the logo colours totally changes the concept.

Further changes to this design could be achieved by adding a panel at the bottom to contain the contact details.

Design 2 - Multi Colour 1

The concept on this design is to increase exposure by adding photos to the side.

Adding colour to the logo and contact details ensures good contrast as well as the addition of a gradient background.

This design works well for all clubs and business.

Design 2 - Multi Colour 2

Lets take design 2 to a new level. You will see that the background has a silhouette created from elements of the logo.

Once embedded into the background of the design it creates a subtleness identifying with the design elements.

Design 2 - Multi Colour 3

Adding a background which is relevant to your business will alter the concept completely giving it a truly unique look and feel.

A photo from your web site or a company brochure will be perfect.

Design 3 - One Colour

While still keeping the overall concept simple and clean the panel adds a further dimension to the design.

Design 3 - Multi Colour 1

The cue in this design came from the logo itself and creates a very strong contrast - ideal for directing the eye to information of the most importance.

Design 3 - Multi Colour 2

By adding photos and an additional panel to the same design a whole new dimension appears.

More colours are used from the already existing colour palate of the logo.

Design 3 - Multi Colour 3

Having the photo at the top of the cooler adds a whole new look to Design 3.

A minimalist approach was used keeping the focus on the contact details and the photo which reinforces the theme.

Ideas For Inspiration

Design Idea 1

A variation of Design 3 Multi Colour 1 the logo and web site were the main inspiration used in this stubby Holder design.

The corporate image was to be utilised and was to play a strong part of the design.

Design Idea 2

The client from Design Idea 1 above also operated a plumbing business and with this stubby holder he wanted to maintain the same feel but the design needed to be different.

This was achieved by having elements in a different position and of size and utilising the corporate colour scheme.

Design Idea 3

The colour green being the main part of the logo theme and the fact that it is a livestock business made it easy.

Adding the background photo and various greens with the alteration of the bottom panel to reflect rolling hills brought this one together.

Design Idea 4

The client logo as a silhouetted background image is a simple way to keep the brand at the fore front of the design.

The use of just the phone number in the display panel keeps it simple and clean.

Design Idea 5

No logo or theme was provided by the client to use on this design except the fact that it is a tyre business specialising in heavy trucks.

Adding tyres and a truck to a simple background instantly lets you know what this company does.

Design Idea 6

A basic three stripe design was decided upon for this cooler.

A photo was required to convey the main core of the business and a reasonable amount of space was required to display all of the clients necessary inclusions.

Design Idea 7

Dividing the cooler into two distinct sections provided a simple and uncluttered approach to this design.

Ample room for the logo and business branding along with a good amount of clear space made for a concise design.

Design Idea 8

The two panel concept is ideal for this client's design brief and by adding the additional photos more display was achieved with out compromising the contact details.

The banner at the left is ideal for logo or additional important information or points of interest.

Design Idea 9

The flowing graphic of the logo provided the main inspiration for the background of this design. A gradient was used to direct eye flow to the two most important focus areas, name and contact information.

The button like tabs at the side are ideal for hero points.

Design Idea 10

The corporate colours and theme are highlighted well by the use of a simple gradient background.

The major design element being the use of colour through out this design draw focus to all areas of importance.

Design Idea 11

A single panel concept is all that is required for most club stubby coolers. While on this one utilising the graphic as the main element of background is a great way to obtain attention and focus.

Detail in a clean light font while providing the message does not get in the way of the required image.

Design Idea 12

A simple approach works so well for team stubby holders.

The information in the display panel is kept to a minimum to allow the background photo to become the hero item and main focus of the design.

Design Idea 13

A totally different way to utilise background in the single panel theme.

A background gradient creates focus on the club name while the football provides the theme.

A simple way to go when there is not a lot of information to put down.

Design Idea 14

Black is always sharp and contrasts well with most foreground colours.

The logo is the main feature and by utilising the colours from this along with the basic black background a stunning design is created which ticks all the boxes.

Design Idea 15

Combining a gradient background with the single panel for display is the foundation here.

Taking cues from the logo for colour content the design comes together nicely and provides a simple but effective promotional Stubby Holder.

Our Guarantee To You

100% price and quality guarentee

We want you to know before you buy your coolers about our famous 100% Quality Guarantee.

Simply put it means that if in the unlikely event your drink coolers have been manufactured incorrectly we will completely replace your order and that in purchasing from us your coolers will be the best value for money available. See here for more