Prices For Stubby Holders

How to get the Best Price.

The best way to get the best price is to ask for one. This can be done by emailing us directly or you can contact us here and better still by requesting a quote - either way we will get back to you very quickly with a price and if you supply enough information a free visual presentation of your design.

Why don't you have a Price List?

The stubby coolers that are supplied by Stubby Coolers Online to our many and varied clients are all custom made and are all so different that it makes it impossible to maintain a standard price list as such. We have found that by individually quoting on each job that we are able to provide the best value for money stubby holder at the absolute best possible price around.

Are there any hidden costs when we get a Quote?

Our quotes are very plain and straight forward. You will not find any hidden or extra costs associated with the quote. If you give us all of the right information to begin with it will be all up front and easy to see. The only possible difference may be in the freight content as this is collated from an average freight cost to the area you have indicated as a delivery point in the request a quote form.

Pricing  for stubby coolers

As a rough guide your standard stubby coolers may be priced anywhere from $1.95 ea. up to $4.05 ea. and all dependent upon your design, your options and the quantity you require.

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Lets Get It Happening

Send us your Request A Quote, tell us what you want and we will send you a Stubby Holder design proof and quotation ~ SO EASY!