Stubby Holders Artwork Requirements

Awesome design needs awesome artwork

To get the absolute best quality print and the most awesome design for your stubby holders we may need from you some files.

In the vast majority of cases our design department can recreate what is required however from time to time and when intricate logos are involved we will need your graphic files.

What we need from you
  • Please send graphic files as in the following preferred formats .ai, .eps, pdf or high resolution .jpg. If you have Corel Draw files we can not use them unless they have been converted to .eps format.
  • If sending vector files in any format please be sure to convert text to curves or paths. Failure to do this will result in the incorrect fonts being used.
  • We CAN NOT accept files in Microsoft word, excel, power point or publisher - we can not use these at all.
  • When sending artwork please send good clear graphics and photos and make sure they are the highest resolution possible
Artwork for stubby coolers

Lastly, artwork is a complex issue and can be very confusing and requires patience from both YOU and ME if we are to achieve the best results for you so if you are not sure or need a little help please contact us. You can phone on 0497 111 243 or better still send an email via the Contact Us link

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Great Artwork will produce Awesome Stubby Coolers

The finished stubby cooler design can only be as good as the artwork produced by us or provided by you.

At Stubby Coolers Online we are so fussy with artwork and design that if we feel that the design you have provided or the files you have provided are not up to speed we will not proceed with your order. It is most important to us that each and every job is perfect - The reputation of Stubby Coolers Online and a perfect stubby holder for you is at risk if we do not do this.

Lets Get It Happening

Send us your Request A Quote, tell us what you want and we will send you a Stubby Holder design proof and quotation ~ SO EASY!