Stubby Cooler Help and FAQ's Made Easy !!!

Stubby Coolers Online understands that not all of your questions about stubby holders will be answered on the pages of this web site.

This page is an evolving and continuing work with updates regularly being added.

The information presented here has been gathered as a result of the many years of dealing with clients and their quest for more information.

If the answer to a question is not found here please do not hesitate to email us, contact us by using the contact form or call us on 0497 111 243

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Frequently asked questions


Q. I have received my quote and design and I am happy with the price and I want to order. How do I do this?

A. On your quote and on most of the emails we have sent you are instructions found under the heading "How to Order". Read the instructions and follow the link to the order page.

Q. How do I pay?

A. Once we have processed your order we will send you the final art proof, approval instructions, and the invoice which has the payment details. You can see all the payment options here

Q. I have paid my money so why do I have to send the approval form?

A. Even though payment certainly indicates you are happy with the proof of your design for legal reasons we need the approval officially.

Q. I have had bad experience with delivery times with stuff I have ordered online. Will I have this issue with you guys?

A. No. Stubby Coolers Online is very serious about deadlines so when we state a delivery date it is an "on or before" date and it is most likely that your coolers will be delivered before the quoted date.

Q. Why don't you have a price list on your web site?

A. Good Question! The stubby coolers that are supplied by Stubby Coolers Online to our many and varied clients are all custom made and are all so different that it makes it impossible to maintain a standard price list as such. We have found that by individually quoting on each job that we are able to provide the best value for money stubby holder at the absolute best possible price around.

Q. What is the minimum quantity I can order?

A. Stubby Coolers Online minimum quantity is strictly 50 for custom coolers. This your order must be 50 of the same product with the same artwork.

Q. How do I place an order?

A. It is recomended that you obtain a quote first. Once you have this you can place an order on our online order form. All of the things you need to know will be found on the form.

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