All about Stubby Holders from Stubby Coolers Online

What is a Stubby Holder?

Simply put  a stubby holder is a cylinder open at one or both ends and is designed to accept a can or bottle with the intent to keep the contents of the bottle cold or in colder climates your hands warm.

You can have the stubby holder printed or decorated to suit your purpose.

What is a Stubby Holder Made From?

Standard Stubby Holders from Stubby Coolers Online are made from 5.5mm thick Neoprene.

Neoprene is a closed cell type foam and was first made in the US in the early 1930's as a product that behaved like rubber. The neoprene used for stubby holders is coated on both sides with a poly cotton fabric with many colour choices and is suitable for all types of printing.

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Bucks and hens custom Stubby Holders

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Stubby Holders from Stubby Coolers Online are manufactured in several different ways depending upon our clients preferences. The main difference is in the way the seams are stitched.

Our coolers standard are zig zag stitched at the seam which, although being relatively simple, is extremely strong and durable in fact, in all the time we have been in business we have not had one cooler reported as having the stitching break or unravel with normal designed usage. Optionally you can have your coolers seam joined with our heat sealed tape which when applied also becomes a very strong way of applying the seam or have Mauser Tape and Stitch which offers the best of both.

Special non skid bases are glued in place as a standard feature on our holders but you can choose to have the base option deleted and as a result receive a saving in cost.

The three types of seams used by Stubby Coolers Online
Printing and all About It

Traditionally and until recently stubby holders were screen printed with either one print colour or multi colour print using a method of printing one colour at a time until the logo or design was complete. This form was very restrictive in that the designs and backgrounds that could be designed in most cases had to be modified to allow for this process. Also the life of the print was limited. Because of the different elasticity of screen printing inks when dried eventually cracking and peeling was experienced in stubby coolers printed this way BUT now there is a better way.

Today Stubby Coolers Online supplies stubby holders printed digitally using the Dye-Sublimation Print Process.. Dye-Sublimation uses full colour artwork printed to special transfer papers by printers using special liquid gel inks. The printed transfer medium is then placed on the stubby holder and is pressed at a certain heat and for a set length of time in which the inks are transferred to the coolers at the molecular level which infuses the design directly into the fabric producing a very vibrant and permanent print which resists fading and will not wash out.

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