Stubby Cooler Information

What are Stubby Coolers Online stubby holders made from?

Our stubby coolers are made from high density 5.5mm (approx) thick neoprene the kind used in the manufacture of wet suits. Why high density you ask - this ensures that the coolers actually work. Cheaper low density materials cant work because there is no body to the fabric thus low insulative properties.

How are the Stubbie Coolers printed.

All of our stubbie holders, even our one colour type stubby coolers are printed using the state of the art dye sublimation printing method. This means that you get a very high quality print on your stubby coolers. The colours are much brighter, the amount of colours you can have is unlimited and unlike some old fashioned screen prints dye sublimated prints wont crack, peel or wash out.

In short it means you get the best possible image on your stubbie holders.

The Ordering Process.

The ordering process is simple. You can order online on our order form found here. Once we receive your order it is processed and a detailed email is sent to you with all of the instructions to allow you to complete the process and attached to this will be a final art proof and an invoice with payment instructions.

All so easy!!!