Stubbie Coolers Colour Choices Made Easy !!!

Stubby Coolers Online have hundreds of colours to choose from all to make you custom stubby cooler unique and to stand out in the crowd.

Stubby Coolers Online colours are bright and vibrant and will stay that way through the live of your Stubby Holders.

Stubby Coolers Online state of the art printing process, the dye sublimation method, allows us the ability to colour match to within a 95% to 98% accuracy range ensuring that a colour match to your corporate image, wedding or birthday theme is possible.

It is always best to supply to us a PMS number or a swatch of colour to allow us to match to the closest possible match.

Many different custom designs for weddings, birthdays, buck and hens nights image

Caricature Stubby Coolers

These colours are our main colour swatches for use as printed background colours, font colours and graphics colours. To utilise these colours just take note of the colour and its number.

If you have a preference that none of our swatches match you can use the Pantone Colour Matching System. To do so we will need the Pantone number to enable us to match it correctly.

Download the Pantone colour charts here.

Please be aware that if you choose a colour from the PDF download our rendition of it may not be 100% accurate. The ONLY way is to obtain the printed Pantone Colour book itself and colour match with it and even then the match will be not 100% due to the constraints of printing.

Sample colour choice for stubby coolers

Neoprene Colours

The colours below are the base colours available for our one colour coolers. You can use these as print colours or for more print colour choices use the colours above.

Base neoprene colours for your stubby coolers


Stubby Coolers Online Colours